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Better Sleep. Better Health.

Improve immunity by improving your sleep. Rise will be free throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

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Sleep is the most impactful thing you can do to boost your immune system and help you stay healthy. (But please also keep washing your hands and practicing social distancing.)

More Likely To Catch A Virus

Healthy participants were 294% more likely to catch the common cold when they lost an hour of sleep for 1 week. *

Become Clinically Anxious

Healthy participants reported anxiety at the level of clinical disorders when they lost an hour of sleep for 1 week.**

Not Getting Enough Sleep

68% of Americans report being sleep deprived - and that's before Covid-19***

Rise makes work-from-home productive

Beyond immunity boost, reducing sleep debt regulates anxiety, increases empathy, and improves productivity - big wins as we all adapt.

Truly automatic sleep debt tracking gives you a single, actionable number to keep sleep top of mind without needing to worry about tossing and turning for one night. This helps you boost immunity, reduce anxiety, and continue to perform despite all the unknowns.

Rise helps you structure your day based on your energy peaks and dips, leading to more productivity, focus, and flow.  

Reclaim your work life balance. Rise helps you organize your activities to match your daily energy levels while priming you for better sleep.

Better Sleep. Better Health.

In this time of uncertainty, sleep is the most important thing you can do (View CDC guidelines).
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