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How to Schedule Your Workday with Your Circadian Rhythm for Optimal Sales Productivity

Your circadian rhythm dictates natural peaks and dips in energy throughout the day. Scheduling your daily activities to take advantage of these peaks and dips is key to sales productivity, rebounding from rejection, and being a better teammate.
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Jeff Kahn, M.S., Rise Science Co-Founder
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In this 5-minute clip, Jeff explains how to take advantage of your circadian rhythm for more productive selling. Or click here to view the full webinar recording.

The Two Levers of Sales Productivity: Sleep Debt & Circadian Rhythm

Over the past hundred years, scientists have discovered there are two fundamental concepts that unlock the many benefits of sleep: sleep debt and your circadian rhythm.

Sleep Debt

Sleep debt refers to the cumulative hours of sleep you've lost over a period of roughly two weeks, relative to your sleep need. The bigger this number, the more likely it is you'll struggle with key behaviors for sales, like decision making, verbal acuity, and empathy. You can read more about that here.

Circadian Rhythm

Your circadian rhythm, meanwhile, tells your body when to be active and alert and when not to be. You have two periods during the day when you'll perform at your highest capacity (roughly mid-morning and early evening), a naturally occurring dip in energy (most often in the early afternoon), and then a window at night when you should be winding down and sleeping. Everyone is going to have these peaks and dips at different times (the RISE app can tell you when yours are).

How to Use Your Circadian Rhythm to Schedule Your Sales Day

rise energy schedule - morning grogginess
While we naturally feel groggy up to 90 minutes after wakeup, getting sunlight and exercise during this time are healthy ways to curb that sleep inertia and increase your productivity for the day.

Morning Ramp-Up: As your energy rises, plan the day ahead and check your email. If you drink coffee, have a cup now to shake off normal morning grogginess. "Grogginess" is known as "sleep inertia" to the scientific community. It is natural and can last up to 90 minutes after you wake up. Be sure to avoid coffee as the day wears on. Get sunlight by spending time outside, going for a walk, or shifting your work (or exercise) space near a window.

Rise energy schedule morning peak
Your morning peak is when you have the highest energy and cognitive capacity. This is when you want to schedule the hard stuff.

Morning Peak: Reserve this time for work that demands your highest level of focus, such as critical decision-making, making and practicing presentations, creating new collateral and conducting sales calls, as well as activities that require the most emotional fortitude, like prospecting and dealing with rejection. You’ll have the high energy and cognitive capacity to take them in stride.

Rise energy schedule afternoon dip
Your afternoon dip is high time for low-effort activities, like a nap or a steady-state workout.

Afternoon Dip: Schedule lower capacity, administrative tasks like emails, CRM updates, and expenses, or passive webinar watching for this energy lull. This energy dip is not a hangover from lunch, but a normal part of your circadian rhythm. Listen to your body and take a breather. On the weekends, this is a good time for a workout or household chores, and the best time for a nap.

rise energy schedule afternoon peak
Use this afternoon peak to tackle another challenge project at work or get ahead in your personal life and actively engage with your loved ones.

Evening Ramp-Up and Peak: Take advantage of this peak. Knock out another project that requires a high level of focus or collaborative effort. Do the things you need to do to get ahead in your personal life, enjoy being home with your family or significant others.

rise energy schedule evening wind-down
Take this time to wind-down, relax, and prepare your brain for sleep.

Evening Wind-Down: It’s easy to ignore the call to relax in this always-on era of work. But taking the time to unplug before bed will help you get a better night’s sleep and accomplish more the next day. Take this time to ramp down. Relax. Take a hot shower. Try a science-backed relaxation technique like Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). Read.

Limit blue light (which tricks your brain into thinking it's daytime) by switching your devices to “Night Shift.” Wear blue-light-blocking orange glasses if you insist on Netflix (we recommend these). Wrap up your screen time and avoid activities that might trigger your mind with stress or excitement.

The RISE app makes it easy for you to know when your body's primed for sleep by designating a one-hour "Melatonin Window." Also known as your dim light melatonin onset (DLMO), your "Melatonin Window" marks the time of day when your brain produces the most melatonin. This phase of your circadian rhythm is predicted based on sleep times.

Sleep is Preparation for the Next Day

What's important to know about sleep is that even though it feels inactive, your brain is actually on overdrive. Everything you learned during the day is being synthesized and concretized; your brain is forming memories and allowing you to glean the insights and acquire the skills necessary to do your job. Sleep should be scheduled, approached, and prioritized like any other of your important sales activities — we'd argue it's the most important one.

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