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Sleep has the power to make or break your day. But it’s not just about health. Sleep gives you energy, which is the driver behind everything you want to achieve.

With more energy, your productivity soars, your mood improves, and your life feels easier. That’s why at Rise Science, we don’t just focus on sleep for sleep's sake. We focus on ways you can get the sleep you need and the energy you want, so you can reach your potential each day.

Sleep researchers agree there are two key things that impact how you feel and function: sleep debt and your circadian rhythm. Together, these levers make up the Two-Process Model of Sleep Regulation. In the RISE app, these are the two things we help you master. And in every article we write, we tie our advice back to how you can use them to sleep better each night and live better each day.

Editorial Standards

Our goal is to bring sleep research out of the lab and into your life. We cut through the sea of confusing and misleading information out there to explain the science in a simple and actionable way. And we get this information straight from the source. We dig through peer-reviewed studies — not third-party sources — to make sure we only share advice that can be defended to a room full of sleep scientists. In fact, everyone from our founders to our science advisors has a background in sleep science.

Jeff Kahn, Co-Founder and CEO of Rise Science

Jeff Kahn

Jeff Kahn is the co-founder and CEO of Rise Science. He began his journey into the world of sleep science as an overworked and underslept student at Northwestern University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in health systems engineering and a master’s degree in engineering design and innovation.

Jeff and his Rise Science co-founder Leon Sasson were the first to publish research on how technology can help you improve your sleep behaviors. And they went on to complete the largest known study on how sleep impacts real-world job performance across the NFL and sales teams. Jeff has worked with elite athletes and Fortune 500 companies, teaching them how sleep can improve their performance. And now, he helps everyone get more energy with the RISE app.

Jeff, along with Leon, was named a Forbes 30 Under 30, and he’s shared his sleep science knowledge in publications like Forbes, Thrive, Authority Magazine, and sleep.com. Plus, Jeff’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal, as well as on ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Fox Sports.

You can connect with Jeff on LinkedIn and Twitter. His favorite sleep and energy tip?

Take a warm bath 90 minutes before your Melatonin Window, or your biological bedtime, to help your body cool down and wind down for sleep.
Jeff Kahn
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