Data & Privacy

Privacy and your data

Your sleep data belongs entirely to you. It doesn't belong to Rise or an employer. This means you can ask for a copy of your data or request it be deleted at any time. We confirm within 24 hours of request and your data is deleted within 30 days.

How do we access and use your data?

We collect the minimum amount of data necessary to provide a meaningful experience to improve your sleep habits. This includes interactions through the app that help build your sleep profile as well as data from your device that allow us to calculate sleep biology, duration, and restlessness.

Personalized sleep coaching

To create meaningful improvements in your life through sleep, Rise may augment personalized automated recommendations with expert human advice. Our guides may scan data for instances that don’t fit previous behavior patterns and aren’t necessarily “reading” data as such. We understand any sensitivity around privacy and users may opt-out of any personalized human intervention while still reaping other benefits of the program.

Can your employer or team see your data?

You own your data. If you use Rise as an athletic team or company it can be helpful to the team and to you to view circadian rhythms in aggregate in order to optimize schedules, or aggregate sleep debt trends to inform decisions at a teaml level. In these cases, teams and companies do not see individual sleep data, but rather always aggregate, anonymized, de-identified data in groups of 5 or more, and never when people go to bed or wake up.

Retention policy

We store and backup all data in order to provide reliability in case of system failure. All backup files are encrypted, and retained for 60 days. If at any time you wish to delete all your data, just let us know. After deletion, all data will be fully removed from backup copies after 60 days. We do not, and will never share your data with any third parties.

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