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Your sleep is personal.

Your sleep biology is as unique as your fingerprint.

Your sleep need
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Learn your personal sleep biology.

Know what to do and your best time to do it.

Receive customized routines, follow your daily energy schedule, and develop healthy habits.

Overcome sleep challenges like getting to bed and falling asleep, waking up during the night, and feeling groggy in the morning.

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Know where you stand.

It's not just about how you slept last night; not time in REM; not tracking sleep; and not your mattress.

Sleep researchers agree — your sleep debt is what predicts how you'll feel and perform today. Rise calculates your sleep debt daily and helps you pay it down.

Find your sleep debt.

People who used Rise more frequently slept longer, earlier, and accumulated less sleep debt on average.

Decreased sleep debt by 3 hours
Slept 48 minutes longer
In bed 1.5 hours earlier
Normalized bedtimes
Rise makes me a better mom.
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—Becky G; Engineer

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Companies from Fortune 200s to startups unlock improved performance, employee wellness, and employee satisfaction through better sleep with Rise.

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Rise pioneered science-based personalized sleep improvement with teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NCAAF. We work with athletes at all levels to drive performance improvement, reduce injury, and speed recovery.

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