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Your Personal Sleep Guide
Start with Personalization

Everyone has different barriers to healthy sleep. Using your sleep behavior data along with answers to specific questions, Rise quickly delivers the plan you need.

Know how much sleep you need

Each person’s biological sleep needs are unique. We provide your requirements based on your personal sleep data.

Know your sleep and performance rhythms

Everyone has a biological clock. You should know the times when it makes you sleepy, when it gives you the chance to perform at your best, and how those windows are changing.

Get your sleep questions answered

Finally understand why you feel the way the way you do, why you wake up at 4am, and how to make changes. Rise answers any sleep-based questions you may have rooted in 100 years of sleep science.
Focus on what Matters

You can’t hack your sleep. Rise tells you how your personal sleep works so you can focus on the behaviors that actually make a difference for you.

Own your day

Rise gives true insights into your own biology, not fancy charts and sleep gimmicks. Gain real-time visibility into your circadian rhythm to know when you’ll feel in your peak zone and you’ll “dip”. Understand your current sleep debt to predict if you can perform at your ceiling. 

Know how much and when to sleep 

Learn you personal sleep need and know the best time to wind down and begin to fall asleep. You’ll find you fall asleep easier working with your natural tendencies, not against them.

Solve nagging issues

Nothing gets in the way of healthy sleep more than a racing, stressed-out mind or restlessness. Get the guidance and tools you need to solve it.

Tie your behaviors to performance

Seeing and feeling how your performance changes will give you the motivation you need to stick with your program and new habits.
Create a Lasting Practice

You can’t change last night. Life happens. Rise helps you focus on what to do tonight, tomorrow and over time to build routine and awareness. Absorb the rough nights and get back on track to your lifelong sleep practice.

Passive measurements

We won’t ask you to strap contraptions to your body or remember to charge anything (though we'll take your wearable data if you have it). Passive data translates to long term engagement and benefit.

Intelligent triggers

Get the behavioral triggers you need to focus on issues and behaviors like winding down at night, adjusting bedtime, what time to switch to decaf, and when to stop eating at night.

A plan that adapts to you

Our advice is geared specifically to your current needs. Your recent sleep, noted and identified issues, performance levels and what’s going on in your life combine to shape a plan that’s constantly evolving.

Guided support when you need it

We believe people supporting people is far more useful than even the most thoughtfully-designed technology. With Rise, you always have someone to talk to about your sleep.
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