RISE Sleep Tracker
One of Apple's Best Apps of 2024

Imagine Life With More Energy

Sleep has the power to make or break your day. But it’s not just about health. Sleep gives you energy, which is the driver behind everything you want to achieve. With more energy, your productivity soars, your mood improves, and your life feels easier.

That’s why at Rise Science, we don’t just focus on sleep for sleep's sake. We focus on ways you can get the sleep you need and the energy you want, so you can reach your potential each day.

About Us

RISE is an energy and sleep tracker subscription app created by the team of sleep experts at Rise Science. It helps you unlock better sleep and enjoy more energy, day after day.

The app is a sleep tracker, gentle alarm clock, and your science-backed guide to getting a good night’s sleep. It tells you the best time to do everything, from when to have your final cup of coffee to when you should wind down for bed, all based on your own biology. It also predicts your energy cycle each day and teaches you how to harness it.

The company behind the app, Rise Science, was founded by Jeff Kahn and Leon Sasson. The pair started out by helping top-performing athletes and sales teams improve their performance through the power of sleep. Now, they give everyone else the chance to do the same with the RISE app.

The RISE app is a frequent Apple App of the Day, App Store Editor's Choice award-winner, and Apple Design Awards 2023 Finalist. RISE is also one of Sleep Foundation's Best Sleep Trackers for 2024.

Rise Science is backed by Goodwater Capital, True Ventures, Freestyle Capital, and High Alpha; investors behind category winners Fitbit, Peloton, and Facebook.

Editorial Standards

We help you get better sleep and more energy with the RISE app and through the science-backed content on our blog and in our podcast. How exactly?

Sleep researchers agree there are two key things that impact how you feel and function: sleep debt and circadian rhythm. Together, these things make up the Two-Process Model of Sleep Regulation — the dominant theory explaining the timing, duration, and structure of sleep.

In the RISE app, these are the two things we help you master. And in every article we write and every podcast we record, we tie our advice back to how you can use them to sleep better each night and live better each day.

Our goal is to bring sleep research out of the lab and into your life. We cut through the sea of confusing and misleading information out there to explain the science in a simple and actionable way. And because we don't rely on any affiliate revenue, our advice is always unbiased and based on the latest scientific research. Plus, we get our science straight from the source. We dig through peer-reviewed studies — not third-party sources — to make sure we only share advice that can be defended to a room full of sleep scientists. In fact, everyone from our founders to our science advisors has a background in sleep science.