Chester Wu, M.D., Rise Science Medical Reviewer

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Rise Science’s work is backed by sleep and circadian rhythm experts who have decades of experience in the field. With their help, we’re able to share the secrets of sleep research to help anyone improve their nights and days.

Chester Wu, M.D., Rise Science Medical Reviewer

Dr. Chester Wu

Dr. Chester Wu is double board certified in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine. After training at Baylor College of Medicine and Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Wu established and directed the first sleep medicine program within a psychiatric system in the United States while at the Menninger Clinic. He currently provides psychiatric and sleep medicine care at his private practice in Houston. Dr. Wu is also a medical reviewer with Everyday Health, and regularly contributes sleep and psychiatry expertise to publications like Psychology Today, Houston Life, and KHOU 11.

His favorite sleep and energy tip?

To improve sleep at night, be better about being awake during the day. Be diligent about getting out of bed, basking in the sun, socializing with people, and being physically active.
Chester Wu, MD
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