Jamie Zeitzer, PhD, Rise Science Science Advisor & Scientific Reviewer

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Rise Science’s work is backed by sleep and circadian rhythm experts who have decades of experience in the field. With their help, we’re able to share the secrets of sleep research to help anyone improve their nights and days.

Jamie Zeitzer, PhD, Rise Science Science Advisor & Scientific Reviewer

Jamie Zeitzer, PhD

Dr. Jamie Zeitzer is a circadian psychologist who specializes in how light impacts circadian rhythms. He received his PhD at Harvard, and is now Co-Director of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences at Stanford University, where he is also an associate research professor of psychiatry and sleep medicine.

Dr. Zeitzer has published numerous studies on sleep, insomnia, circadian science, and even discovered a pioneering treatment for jetlag. Plus, he’s contributed to publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and NPR.

You can connect with Dr. Zeitzer on LinkedIn. Head here for a complete list of his research and publications. Dr. Zeitzer’s favorite sleep and energy tip?

I like doing the New York Times crossword before going to sleep to help settle down.
Dr. Jamie ZeitzeR
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