The power behind your next best day.

RISE makes it easy to improve your sleep and daily energy to reach your potential.

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You have no idea how sleep deprived you are right now.

Your body is wired just to survive the day.

As a result, you become numb to the feeling of living with sleep debt. However, get the sleep your body needs, and you'll awaken feeling and performing your best.

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Discover the two laws of sleep science.

It’s not time spent in REM, a new mattress, or a weighted blanket that unlock better sleep and energy. RISE is built around the two principles that sleep researchers agree affect how we feel and perform: sleep debt and circadian rhythm.


Sleep debt

The only sleep score that matters is sleep debt. RISE tracks how much sleep you owe your body and helps you pay it back.


Circadian rhythm

RISE not only predicts your daily energy schedule, it helps you take control of it.


of RISE users feel the benefits within 5 days

Realize your potential with real results — real productivity, real performance, real wellbeing.

The only sleep app that works all day.

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On day one, RISE pulls historical data from your phone to tell you your sleep need, sleep debt, and the best time for you to go to sleep.

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A wearable isn’t necessary to track your sleep, but if you have one, even better. RISE works with Apple Health, Oura, and Fitbit, to name a few.

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Every morning RISE tells you how long you’ll be groggy, when your best focus times will be and when you should start winding-down.

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16 science-based habits nudge you at the right time to help you reduce your sleep debt, and optimize your day based on your energy schedule.

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Feel better, be more productive, and perform at your best.

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