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Rise helps your sales teams sleep better so they can live better, do higher quality work, and drive more revenue.

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Sell during your peak times by knowing your personalized circadian rhythm.

Sleep debt data helps predict performance, lower your teams debt, increase their sales.

Maximize your teams energy and output by preventing poor timing of caffeine and alcohol.

“Why spend the time and money to recruit a brilliant staff if you’re going to drive everyone into a state of insensibility? Sustained exhaustion is not a rite of passage. It’s a mark of stupidity.”

Jason Fried, Basecamp CEO
Customer since 2017

Reps are selling 30% more after implementing Rise. I haven't seen outcomes like this with any other sales tool.”

Jason Allen, Former Upright Law COO
Largest bankruptcy law firm in the nation

Rise tells me when I am most effective to sell and allows me to focus in at those times.”

Jeff Y.
15+ year seller & sales leader

“I've been able to understand when my body is at its highest energy level and I can focus on strenuous things at work during those times.”

Maggie L.
F200 Account Manager

I am sleeping so much better and getting 8 hours sleep each night. That hasn't happened in years. I have suggested Rise to my kids and family members.”

Brad K.
20+ year sales professional

"People love Rise. Proper rest leads to better lives, careers, and of course, sales."

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Sleep better. Sell more.

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