For Sales teams

More sleep. More sales.

Sleep debt is the KPI you're not measuring that predicts your team's revenue, burnout, and engagement.

Leaders use Rise to support their teams' wellbeing while growing revenue.

Monthly Revenue

14% increase in monthly revenue

Outbound Effort

50% increase in outbound efforts

Change Schedule

70% change their daily schedule to capture peak performance

Sales Rep Love

90% of sellers feel more valued by their company

For Sales teams

How Rise works with your sales team

Rise is a tool for sales organizations that delivers increased performance though sleep improvement and energy scheduling.

  • Scientifically-proven, app-based program complemented by our human success and expert sleep guide teams.
  • Fully-supported, 30-day free trial includes custom remote launch workshop, and concludes with a success data report proving program efficacy.
  • Opt-in, usage-based seat licenses billed annually, includes app access for employee and family members, support and sleep guide access, success manager, reporting, and continuing education program.

Customer highlights

Leaders who meet their goals with Rise

“Without ample rest - there aren’t opportunities to win. By investing with RISE to put our sleep front and center, it’s helped our team remember that those nights without sleep add up to big debts.”

Lexi Bohonnon
Vice President, Sales Engineering

“Why spend the time and money to recruit a brilliant staff if you’re going to drive everyone into a state of insensibility? Sustained exhaustion is not a rite of passage. It’s a mark of stupidity..”

Jason Fried
Co-Founder & CEO

“Reps are selling 30% more after implementing Rise. I haven't seen outcomes like this with any other sales tool.”

Jason Allen
Former Upright Law COO

“Nothing matters more than our team's wellbeing right now. With so many external stressors, it's critical we can provide our team with the support they need to manage their work life and their home life, and Rise Science is helping us do that.”

Tara Nesser
Head of People

How do sleep and energy impact your revenue?

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Sleep debt is the KPI that predicts sales activity, revenue performance, and engagement. Know where you are, and when you need to make a change.
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Science-backed approaches plus human sleep guides to support your success.

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70% of your sales team isn't sleeping enough costing you 14% monthly revenue. Start your 30-day free trial.