What You Can Expect From Our $10M Series A (and $15.5M in Financing to Date)

A note of gratitude from Rise Science co-founder Jeff Kahn
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Let me first say that I and the whole Rise Science team owe you thanks.

You opened your mind to the reality that your sleep debt and circadian rhythm are the most powerful influences on how you live your life and you trust RISE to help you better manage how you get the most out of each and every day.

You also put in the work to help us learn how to make RISE better for you. You told your friends about us, you left thousands of positive reviews on our behalf, you jumped on Zoom to give your feedback on our new ideas. For all that work we’re truly grateful. It's been one of the joys of my lifetime to get to work on RISE in some capacity since 2010. And I know my teammates would say the same thing.

We're now reaching and affecting more people than we ever have — thousands of people like you download our app every day, hundreds of thousands per month. Behind those downloads are people who want to get more out of the limited time we have on this planet. We take our responsibility to deliver on that promise seriously.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce we’ve partnered with an incredible team of investors and raised $10 million to invest in that promise and in our mission. 

Our most important focus remains building RISE into an even better tool for getting more out of your day. We know that for some of you, there are obstacles to relying on RISE as a daily tool. Just to mention a few: needing to correct inaccurate sleep times, unreliable syncing with other devices, irregular notification delivery, slow load times, the widget not bringing in live data. With the new cash, we're making it a priority to solve these issues.

We recognize you love RISE because we give guidance on how to have more energy to do what you love and how to be less exhausted. Your sleep debt and circadian rhythms are the most powerful, sustainable tools in our arsenal. Giving you guidance on what will actually impact how you feel every day is our north star. We'll be focused on making that guidance more personalized and easier to access.

We're also always listening. If you have feedback, positive or negative, we'd love to hear from you. Email Oddie who leads customer research: or feel free to send me a note directly:

While you can expect a much better RISE experience in the coming months and years, I want to share my gratitude for the people working on this mission with me. We couldn’t do this without the many employees current and former who have dedicated their precious time to our vision of a planet awakened to its best self. We especially couldn’t do this with you, our customers, whose time, attention, and care is the heartbeat of the business. 

Since we're announcing $15.5 million in financing ($10 million now and $5.5 million from back in 2018), I want you to know we're taking money from people who share our values. The investors behind our Series A are the same early-stage investors behind products like Peloton, Fitbit and Spotify. While they're clearly good at their jobs, they're people who share our commitment to our mission and values. That means you can be confident we're building the company with financial responsibility, continued accountability to scientific evidence (regardless of profitability), and a work environment you'd be proud to have your family or friends be a part of.

This all started for me back in 2010. Just like everyone else was in college, I was exhausted and struggling to see the beauty in the everyday. And while there are many ways to reach your potential, the one truth is that our sleep is the foundation of our well-being. Without it, there's no way to be anywhere close to your best self. Thanks for being on the journey with us to live better and get more out of every day.

Jeff and the whole Rise Science team (Leon, Caleb, Nick, Oddie, Jason, Lola, Brendan, Greg, Kellie, Mia, Bryce, Anthony)

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