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Rise helps your athletes sleep better so they can run faster, make more plays, and stay in the game.

Faster 40 yard dash

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Unlock the performance benefits of sleep

All sleep data is pulled directly from the phone. Nothing to charge, wear, or sync.

Schedule practice, lifts, and other team activities around your player's peak levels of energy.

Players are given a unique set of tools to maximize sleep based on their own biology.

“The team at Rise has worked with our staff and players for multiple years, helping us analyze the sleep patterns of our athletes to achieve the optimal levels of performance on the field and in their everyday lives.”

Ben Herbert
Director of Strength and Conditioning
University of Michigan Football

“Rise delivers precisely what we’re looking for. I unequivocally recommend Rise Science to any teams looking to not only optimize recovery, but also improve health outcomes.

Chip Schaefer
Director of Performance Health
Chicago Bulls

“Rise gives our guys the tools to maximize their sleep and improve both as football players and students. This win-win makes Rise the best thing we could do to improve our program.

Willie Fritz
Head Coach
Tulane University Football

“What we find with Rise is more than a monitoring system. Rise works directly with our athletes to help them actually improve their sleep behaviors, and we know this will result in measurable gains on the field.

Rob Glass
Assistant AD, Athlete Performance
Oklahoma State University

“Every time we did research on sleep, we kept coming back to Rise. We're thankful we chose them to be part of our football program. They are committed to us and want us to be the very best that we can be.”

Jamey Chadwell
Head Coach
Coastal Carolina University Football

Better sleep leads to better performance.

Sleep is the tool your athletes need to maximize their output on and off the field. Give your team an edge today.